negative -1.58 Year over year 2019 2. quarter
topArrow.png -0.39 Year over year 2019 3. quarter
topArrow.png 2.00 Year over year 2019 4. quarter
bottomArrow.png -0.58 Annual 2019 Growth

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Quarterly graphs demonstrate the growth rate estimation of the related quarter in light of the disclosed data. The features and the estimated growth can be read by the points above the graph.

The graphs were created separately for the estimates of the growth rate of both the year to year (by the same quarter of the previous year) as well as the growth rate from quarter to quarter (compared to the previous quarter). The growth rate of GSYIH predicted in quarter-to-quarter growth is seasonally adjusted.

In addition, the table below has been prepared to easily track which data is more effective on which estimate. With each new data, the graphics and tables in this site are renewed.